Liyaquat Khan

Managing Partner

He is founder and Managing Partner of Global Risk Consultants

Career started with management cadre of Life Insurance Corporation of India in the year 1964.

Mr. Khan has worked in middle and senior positions in various institutions in India, UK, Mauritius and Sultanate of Oman and has been CEO of two life insurers in Oman and India.

Mr. Khan has also held positions of Appointed Actuary in India for a General Insurer, Health Insurer and Agriculture Insurer.

On professional side, Mr. Khan has been President of the Indian Actuarial Profession three times over about six years from y 2000 to September, 2012. Currently Mr. Khan holds responsibility as Executive Director of Actuarial Consulting Congress of Asia, a non-remunerated voluntary leadership role.

Mr. Khan can be reached at;
E-Mail: liyaquat.khan@globalriskconsultants.in
Mobile: +91 9839222344

Dhiraj Goel


He is founder of the Global Risk Consultants along with Mr. Liyaquat Khan.

In his professional career of over a decade, covering life, Health, and Reinsurance, he has worked on a range of projects covering risk management, financial modelling, product pricing & development and corporate actuarial function for Life companies.

He has set up and worked as Chief Actuary of Health Insurance company in India where he was responsible for setting up the business plan for the JV, Product development and Pricing, Managing finance function and Setting up the actuarial function and risk mitigation framework. He was reinsurance actuary with a Reinsurer, servicing life and health companies in India and Sri Lanka. He has expertise in Prophet Modelling, Strategy, Planning & Implementation and High level risk analysis.

Mr. Goel can be reached at;
E-Mail: dhiraj.goel@globalriskconsultants.in
Mobile: +91 93223 32000

Sanjeev Pujari, FIA, FIAI

Senior Executive Director (Risk Consulting)

Sanjeev Pujari has over 35 years of experience in the Life Insurance industry across areas such as Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Actuarial and Risk Management including the role of Appointed Actuary within and outside India, in Public Sector as well as Private Sector.

In the most recent engagement, he was spearheading the Actuarial, Risk Management & Product functions of one of the largest private Life Insurance Companies in India as Executive Director/President (Actuarial) and Chief Risk Officer.

Mr. Pujari has played a critical role in establishing robust risk and actuarial processes and driving strategy for growth and value in his organization. Being part of the Senior Management team, he has had the opportunity to take key decisions on company’s marketing, operations and IT strategies and has also led the team undertaking EV/Valuation processes, pre-IPO stake sale and a successful IPO process in India.

He has also worked in various roles in the UK Life industry for a nearly a decade, and possesses a profound understanding of that market, specifically in areas of Actuarial Practices, Compliance, With Profits governance and Regulatory aspects.

On Professional side, he has been associated with Indian Actuarial profession in number of Voluntary, Non-remunerative leadership roles over number of years and has chaired or been part of various committees set up by the Govt. and the Regulator on insurance/actuarial matters.

Mr. Pujari can be reached at;
E-Mail: sanjeev.pujari@globalriskconsultants.in


Executive Director (General Insurance, Health and IFRS 17)

Raunak Jha is a qualified Actuary from Institute of Actuaries of India (IAI) and Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) from UK with more than 15 years of work experience.

She has led Actuarial, Risk Management, Analytics, Internal Audit, Compliance, Business Planning and Strategy and Regulatory filling projects in various roles.

She had held Senior level positions in companies like Reliance Health, Magma HDI, Cigna TTK, Towers Watson and Deloitte. With strong Insurance Industry knowledge and management skills, she has extensive experience in setting up robust systems and teams from scratch and leading them efficiently.

She is a regular speaker in Industry forums and has co-authored research papers on technical subjects in General and Health Insurance fields. She is also a Council Member of IAI and Board Member of Health and Care Board of IFoA.

Raunak holds responsibilities for General Insurance, Health and IFRS 17 Consulting within Global Risk Consultants.

Mrs. Raunak can be reached at;
E-Mail: raunak.jha@globalriskconsultants.in

SUMEET SHAH, B.Sc; PGD (Actuarial Science)

A Science Graduate with Post Graduate Diploma in Actuarial Science is a Founder member of Global Risk Consultants

Started career in year 2004 as Actuarial Analyst with a Life Insurer has been on the Actuarial side of the Benefits Practice since year 2007, and had worked for three Multinationals in India holding responsibility for Actuarial side of the Benefits Practice. He has experience in Actuarial Software such as: AXIS, WYVAL, PROVAL.

Within GRC, Mr. Shah holds responsibility for Business as well as Actuarial side of the Benefits Practice.

Mr. Shah can be reached at;
E-Mail: sumeet.shah@globalriskconsultants.in
Mobile: +91 8080844420